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Singer Island, FL, is a captivating oceanfront destination that graces the southeastern coastline of Florida. Renowned for its stunning natural beauty, this slender barrier island offers pristine sandy beaches, azure waters, and an array of recreational activities. Its upscale resorts and condominiums offer a blend of luxury and relaxation, attracting visitors seeking a coastal escape. Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, Singer Island provides a unique vantage point for breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. With a variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment options, along with easy access to nearby attractions, Singer Island embodies a harmonious fusion of coastal charm and modern amenities.


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Key Details

  • Location: Singer Island is a narrow barrier island situated along the Atlantic coast of South Florida. It is part of the city of Riviera Beach in Palm Beach County.

  • Beaches: The island is renowned for its pristine beaches with soft sands and clear blue waters. Visitors and residents alike can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, beachcombing, and water sports in this picturesque setting.

  • Recreational Activities: Singer Island offers a variety of outdoor activities, including snorkeling, diving, kayaking, paddleboarding, and fishing. The island's oceanfront location provides ample opportunities for enjoying water-related pursuits.

  • Upscale Resorts and Condominiums: The island features upscale resorts, hotels, and condominiums that cater to those seeking luxury and relaxation. These accommodations often offer stunning ocean views and easy beach access.

  • Palm Beach Shores: Singer Island includes the charming town of Palm Beach Shores, known for its residential neighborhoods, boutique hotels, and a laid-back atmosphere.

  • John D. MacArthur Beach State Park: This state park, located at the north end of Singer Island, offers natural habitats, hiking trails, and a beach that's perfect for birdwatching and picnicking.

  • Loggerhead Marinelife Center: Situated nearby, this center focuses on the conservation of sea turtles and their habitats. It offers educational programs, exhibits, and rehabilitation efforts.

  • Intracoastal Waterway Access: With the Intracoastal Waterway to the west of the island, Singer Island provides opportunities for boating, sailing, and observing the passing boats and yachts.

  • Dining and Shopping: The island offers a range of dining options, from casual beachfront eateries to upscale restaurants. Additionally, visitors can explore local boutiques and shops.

  • Proximity to Palm Beach: Singer Island is conveniently located near the city of West Palm Beach and the upscale offerings of Palm Beach Island, including high-end shopping, cultural events, and entertainment.

  • Natural Beauty: The island's scenic beauty is enhanced by its location between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, providing residents and visitors with breathtaking views and opportunities for outdoor enjoyment.

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