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"IF YOU STAGE IT, THEY WILL COME."'s all about the presentation.

The two most important factors in selling your home are price and presentation.  And, while you can always lower the price of your house, you will never get a second chance at a first impression. So, it is crucial in ANY market that sellers get it right the first time around.  One of the most difficult challenges for any real estate agent is to overcome a buyer's objections. Staging done right eliminates those objections by increasing the perceived value.  It plays up a home's positive features, plays down the distractions, and creates a beautiful functional space that buyers respond to emotionally and want to call home.  Capture a buyer's heart and you will capture the sale.


  • Fact:  Staged homes sell much faster and for more money.

  • Fact:  The average price reduction on a house is 5 to 20 times more than what the investment in staging would have been.

  • Fact:  83% of buyer’s agents say staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize the property as their home!

  • Fact:  Buyers can only see what's in front of them.  

  • Fact:  In real estate, looking good matters, but looking great matters much more!

View a few of our favorite Before &  After pictures below.

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