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About Me

I've owned a family home at Frenchman's Creek Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens for three decades.  So, after nearly 20 years of successful selling and staging in Manhattan's residential real estate market, I hitched a ride on a golf cart and never looked back.  I bring two decades of experience -- in good markets and not-so-good ones -- to my clients.  That includes knowing what it takes to make each listing stand out, but also the visual art of staging a property to look its best.  These days, buyers shop first from their phones.  If they don't like what they see online, they won't make the trip to see a home in person.  And foot traffic not only sells properties, it also brings the highest prices. On the flip side, if you're buying I'll do whatever it takes to match you to the right home with the right terms. That means no wasting time seeing properties I know won't satisfy your wish list.


Look, relationships matter.  Buying and selling a home is more than just a financial transaction; it's a deeply personal and emotional journey. I will work diligently to guide you through a seamless experience and to get you to the other side happy and satisfied.


When not working, I can be found playing pickleball and tennis, roaming museums, reading, and trying out new restaurants. An unabashed dog lover, I find myself at the mercy of my furbaby's every whim.  

Marcia's Assistant

My name is Tessa but my friends call me Tess.  Marcia and I rescued each other 10 years ago.  I enjoy frolicking on the beach, playing golf, and on occasion, a few hands of canasta. I also love real estate and fancy myself Marcia's assistant.  Yesterday, I asked for a raise.


It really is a dog's life here in the Palm Beaches!


South Florida

It's a lifestyle
worth living.

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